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Stock Miscellaneous

Italian Sled

ID: 16241
Age: early 17th century
Origin: Veneto
Size: Length 180 cm
Info: It’s very likely that this elaborately carved sled
was driven by a youngster (male or female) during the carneval season, the length of the vessel indicates a younger person.
The quality of the carving with the detachable triton blowing his horn tells of the wealth of the family.
We imagine a possible use of this piece of art in a champagne bar, a green house, or a spa area – the sled was lined with copper at a later stage!

Natural stone lingam

ID: 16241
Origin: India
Size: Höhe 33 cm

Roman terracotta head

ID: 16101
Age: 2nd/3rd century
Origin: Roman
Size: 13 cm

Alabaster carving of krishna and a gopi

ID: 16089
Age: 19th century
Origin: India
Size: 22 cm

Pair of wooden ornaments

ID: 16029
Age: 18th century
Origin: France
Size: 24 cm

Image 1: this is how we looked at the fair in Torino, Italy, autumn 2020. We carry unusual piecesa like the big Spanish tapestry at the back of the wall, the red pomegranate Khotan on the left hand wall or the large ivory ground Ghazwin carpet on the floor. Image 2: this is how we looked before,in 2019, also in Torino. There is a rare German Bauhaus rug on the back wall amongst textiles. Image 3: the rug on the wall, a rare Ladik of the 18.century.

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