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How did we grow into the Gallery Arabesque of today? We started out nearly 40 years ago as specialist rug dealers and today we have branched out in so many ways ( this is politely called being eclectic). We buy what we like, in the hopes that other people want to buy what we like. So our taste explains our offerings. The other criteria is ease of transport. We are doing fairs in England and Italy and what we are taking has to fit in a mid-size van.
And, last but not least, our offerings reflect the changes in taste of recent years.

Images speak louder than words. That is why we chose a few fotos at the start of each category showing how we decorate our stands, each category contributing to the overall impression.

Antique textiles

Antique rugs



Furniture and Lamps


The wonderful variety of antique rugs

Nowadays it has become rather out of fashion and today‘s decorative rug market has become subservient to whatever trend in decorating is just on. The rugs matching the colour schemes are mass produced and often not meant to last long. The case of the antique carpet could be a sad one, if there were not groups of people, collectors,but also people with a good eye who still appreciate antique rugs. Collectors savour the past ways of life and traditions expressed in those old pieces. Long gone times and social systems that don’t exist any more offer associations.den.

Galerie Arabesque Showroom

Interview with Dr. Ulrike Montigel

Bei der ARTS RUG SHOW in San Francisco, October 21st 2018 at the Greenwich Inn (ab der 7:00 Min)


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“Wenn wir ältere pflanzengefärbte Teppiche mit späteren, chemisch gefärbten vergleichen, entwickeln wir allmählich eine Sensibilität für Farben.”

“Ich war als Frau immer stolz auf diese älteren Schwestern, deren Kreativität und Ausdauer so schöne Dinge geschaffen hatten.”

Dr. Ulrike MontigelAntiquitäten mit Leidenschaft

Dr Ulrike Montigel

I started out as a rug dealer about 40 years ago. I had been a rug collector before I became a dealer and for many years antique rugs and kilims were my abiding passion. A few yesrs later I discovered another passionate interest, antique textiles and found, that they go well together!

Galerie Arabesque

We are an international gallery that exhibits regularly in London and the USA. Our warehouse focuses on antique textiles, antique rugs, European and Asian sculptures, ceramics and other artifacts.