About us

Dealing in antique rugs and textiles as it is in general antiques is a funny old business! It needs to be done with passion for the subject.

We have been doing it for a good 40 years now. What I never tire of is doing the specialist fairs, especially the rug and textile fairs for their tribal structure! It has an aspect of caravans from all over meeting at a watering hole! We have been doing fairs in England, Italy and the US and enjoyed meeting the dealers and collectors and it is exciting to see what they bring and offer. We are a smallish circle and I sometimes suspect there is more buying and selling done amongst ourselves than to the customers!

We made the decision early on not to offer new rugs, although they can look good, but we were not attracted by the rug mass market. In a way we offer old fashioned value and service.

Galerie Arabesque

We are an international gallery that exhibits regularly in London and the USA. Our warehouse focuses on antique textiles, antique rugs, European and Asian sculptures, ceramics and other artifacts.