Sculpture have to be in sync with us

Over the years we have been realizing how careful we have to be in chosing our sculptures. They have to be in sync with us and the main question we are asking ourselves when shopping (technical questions aside) is: do we like them? Are we really convinced that they match us? Sculpture stays with us a long time, they seem to us more like family members. We are convinced they chose their future owners and we have no say in the matter. They can be exacting, too, like letting us know who they prefer to have in the same room with them and whose proximity they’d rather not suffer. They have a mind of their own.

Stock european sculptures

St. Sebastian

ID: 15693
Age: late 15th century
Origin: Southern Germany
Size: 107 cm
Material: wood sculpture with gesso and polychrome

Head of St.Joseph

ID: 15618
Age: mid 18th century
Size: 28 cm
Material: Wood sculpture with polychrome
Info: Probably used in a nativity scene


ID: 15669
Age: ca. 1520
Origin: Würzburg area
Size: 86 cm
Material: wood sculpture
Condition: some replacements (right leg, arms)

Saint John

ID: 16620
Age: Mid 18th century
Origin: Austria
Size: 49 cm

Jesus child

ID: 16554
Age: 18th century
Origin: Italy
Size: 58 cm

Jesus child

ID: 16554
Age: 18th century
Origin: Italy
Size: 58 cm

Stock asian sculptures

Seated Shan Buddha

ID: 15553
Age: 19th century
Origin: Burma
Size: 73 cm
Material: Wood sculpture with glass inlay and traces of gold pigment

Burmese Buddha

ID: 16315
Age: mid 18th century?
Size: 28 cm?
Material: Wood sculpture with polychrome?
Info: In the background: Ottoman embroidered panel, ca. 1840

Burmese Buddha

ID: 16306
Age: 19th century
Origin: Burma
Size: 120 cm
Material: Lacquer
Info: In the background: Japanese embroidery panel, Meji period, 19th century

Buddha Torso Chen Sen

ID: 15471
Age: 16th century
Origin: Thailand
Size: Height: 33 cm with stand
Material: Bronze with jade-like patina

Japanese Buddha

ID: 16243
Age: Edo period
Origin: Japanese
Size: 90 cm
Material: Wood sculpture


ID: 16262
Age: 19th century
Origin: India
Size: 90 cm
Matzerial: Alabaster sculpture

Head of Buddha

ID: 15564
Age: 14th century
Origin: Vietnam
Size: 49 cm with stand
Material: Wood with traces of lacquer and gold pigments

Seated Buddha

ID: 15446
Age: 19th century
Origin: Burma
Size: 117 cm
Material: Lacquer with traces of gold

Now, since images say more than words:

Image 1. Sebastian Image 2. Jesus child Image 3. St. Sebastian

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